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Check the ways you will benefit when you make Dorset Life a part of your advertising plans:

Quality: Dorset Life is widely admired for its varied local content and full-colour presentation.

Loyalty: A high proportion of buyers of Dorset Life are regular readers.

Choice of prices: You can advertise for as little as £22.50 a month.

Prestige: Association with a local publication established for 45 years.

Service: You will be dealing with a small, flexible but well-established and highly professional team, with all copy design, sales and accounts carried out here in Dorset – where every member of the Dorset Life team chooses to live and work.

Commitment: Being a paid-for magazine, Dorset Life is valued and actually read.

Long shelf-life: Dorset Life‘s high-quality paper/binding means that it survives when passed from person to person, and is kept for months in waiting rooms, lounges, etc.


No. of Insertions 1 3 6 12
Full Page 975 875 825 775
Half Page 550 500 470 440
Quarter Page 295 265 250 235
Eight Page 160 145 135 125
Sixteenth Page 90 80 75 70

Classified for Total Series (Consecutive Months)

‘Dorset Directory’ or ‘Eating Out in Dorset’ 3 6 12
‘Eating Out in Dorset’ 85 145 270
Dorset Directory 2.5cm Single Column 115 215 340
Dorset Directory  5cm Single Column 235 405 620

You should add VAT to all these prices, but there are no other ‘hidden extras’ and normally no charges for design or artwork.

Sizes (width x height)

Page Size: 210 mm x 297 mm

Full Page Image area: 183 mm x 268 mm
Half page: 183 mm x 132 mm (or 89 mm x 268 mm if taken as a vertical)
Quarter Page: 89 mm x 132 mm (or 183mm x 65 mm if taken as a horizontal)
Eighth Page: 89 mm x 65 mm
Sixteenth Page: 44 mm x 65 mm

Publication Schedule

Publication is on the last Thursday of the month before the cover month. The advertising deadline is 4 weeks before publication date. Advertisements are invoiced on publication and invoices are payable at 30 days.

Background Information

Dorset Life: The Dorset Magazine was founded as Dorset County Magazine in 1968. In 1992 it merged with Dorset Life to form one magazine which has become an institution within Dorset and a central part of the life of the county.

Editorial policy
The editorial content of the magazine is confined to topics of specific Dorset interest. At least 50% of the space in each issue of the magazine is devoted to  editorial and Dorset Life is renowned for its high- quality photography.

All surveys record a very high level of reader appreciation. The readership is remarkably loyal, with some 80% of  the magazines going to the same people each month.

Social grouping
Dorset Life reaches right across the social groupings. The only characteristic the readers have in common is an interest in all things connected with Dorset.  However, there is a slight bias towards the A/B groups; of the Dorset Life readers who regularly read a daily newspaper, 40% read the Daily Telegraph, 24% the Daily Mail, 17% The Times, and 8% the Express.

The readership within Dorset is distributed roughly in line with the population distribution of the county. Of the postal subscribers, about 1200 live within Dorset.

Age and sex
Dorset Life tends to attract an older, settled readership, with the majority aged over 50*.  56% of our readers are female; 44% are male. *80% of the country’s wealth is owned by the over-45s (source: The Times).

Quality and longevity
Dorset Life is printed on very high quality paper, which is not easily damaged. Consequently, Dorset Life is not thrown away, but is passed from friend to friend before coming to rest in waiting rooms, lounges etc. Each copy of Dorset Life is read by on average seven people.

(The statistical information given above is taken from readership surveys carried out by or on behalf of  Dorset Life – The Dorset Magazine. Please enquire if  you would like further details).


Technical Specifications

We can take copy in almost any form: the words written out with the pictures as original photographs, or digitally, or a combination of the two. We prefer digital copy not to be in Publisher or Powerpoint. Best of all is a PDF with all colours set to CMYK, all photos at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and all fonts embedded.

For answers to further questions, ring publisher Lisa Richards on 01929 551264.

Sales Executives (by Post Town)

If your business is based in East Dorset and the conurbation, please contact our
Business Development Manager, Julie Cullen, at
or call her on 01258 459090.
For businesses elsewhere, contact our Advertisement Director, Dave Silk, at or call him on 01305 836440.


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