The best of Dorset in words and pictures

Dorset at first light

Sunrise is a favourite time for photographers dedicated enough to get out of bed in the early hours. The light, the colours and the sense of freshness are unique to that time of day, as this selection of photographs from David Bailey shows.

1. Knowlton Church and Rings are always strongly atmospheric, but the feeling of timelessness is enhanced as the first rays of the sun light up the neolithic henge

2. Seen from Handfast Point, sunrise seems to set the white chalk of the Pinnacles ablaze

3. The sun empurples the surf under Burton Cliff near Burton Bradstock

4. Mist in the Stour Valley as the village of Durweston awakens to a new day

5. A clean, clear sky above the water at Christchurch

6. Badbury Rings have seen over a million sunrises since they were constructed some 28 centuries ago

7. The clouds and turbulent sea suggest that the sun is ending a stormy night in this view from Winspit

8. Dorset’s highest points, Pilsdon Pen and Lewesdon Hill, are silhouetted against the rising sun when seen across the Marshwood Vale from Coney’s Castle

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