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Dorset pub stroll — The Village Inn

The Village Inn Ulwell Swanage BH19 3DG 01929 427644 Free House

How to get there: Take the road signed to Studland and Poole (via ferry) out of Swanage. Ulwell is signed to the left on the outskirts of the town.
Landlord: Jenny Scadden
Open: From 10 am; closing time in afternoon varies according to season. 6 pm-11 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday evenings in January and February.
Beers: At least one Palmers or Isle of Purbeck Brewery draught beer. Tetleys, John Smith, Guinness, Fosters, Stella.
Food: 12 noon-1.45 pm; 6 pm-8.45 pm. Daily specials board.
Families: Children welcome in conservatory
Disabled access: Moderately easy

The stroll is comparatively short at not much more than a mile, but it includes quite a long climb up the side of Giant’s Grave Bottom. This striking valley was probably created by the flow of meltwater during the Ice Age.

Turn right out of the car park opposite the pub and walk down to the main road. Turn left and cross carefully to enter a lay-by. At the far end of the lay-by, go through a kissing gate and walk straight ahead on a path which winds uphill. At a cross-paths in about 150 yards, turn left.

Follow this level path along the side of the hill until it bears left to reach a stile onto the main road. Turn left and almost immediately cross a stile on the opposite side of the road. Bear left, heading for a track which climbs the side of the hill on the far side of the field. Reaching the track turn right, uphill, with Giant’s Grave Bottom to your right.

Near the top of the track, just before it passes under overhead wires, turn left through a cutting in the hill-top and walk down to a metal gate. Just before the gate, turn left and walk along the right-hand edge of the field. At the end of the field, go through a kissing gate on the right and bear right to walk down to a paved track which runs through a caravan park. Turn left and follow it through the park, exiting down a steep slope onto a lane. Turn left to return to the pub on the left and your car on the right.

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